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Wood Gun Cabinets

Key Features of a Country Lane Gun Display Cabinet

If you’re an avid gun collector, there’s no better way to store and display your gun collection than with a beautifully handcrafted solid wood gun cabinet. The wood gun cabinets we make have features you might not find in other gun storage furniture.

  • 30 Stain Choices: We can custom match a stain or you can choose from our many options. Our gun cabinets are coated with a high-grade catalyzed conversion varnish that is resistant to water and many household chemicals, including nail polish remover and acetone.
  • Felt-Covered Braces: You won't have to worry about damage to your collection when storing in one of our cabinets. Each cabinet has brackets covered in felt to protect gun barrels and stocks.

  • High-Capacity Drawers: Drawers in our gun cabinets are each rated to hold 100 pounds, so you can load them up with ammo and other supplies without hesitation.
  • Full-Extension, Dovetailed Drawer Construction: It's easy to reach items in the back of these drawers because they pull all the way out. Plus, the dovetail construction makes them durable and strong to hold heavy ammo boxes and other items from your collection.

Gun Cabinet Storage Capacities

Our gun cabinet storage capacities start at 6 and go up to 20, and any capacity in between. Custom sizes are available. Contact us if you're interested in a custom-sized cabinet.

The Jesse James 20-capacity rifle storage cabinet.

Types of Wood Gun Cabinets We Sell

Wall Cabinets

We feature a large selection of handmade wall and corner gun cabinets and gun safes constructed from the finest Pennsylvania hardwoods including cherry, maple, and oak. Whether your collection consists of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, or a combination of several types, you’ll find the perfect cabinet for your needs.

Corner Gun Cabinets

The popular corner style display cabinet works well in many rooms. Our customers have placed their corner cabinets in the dining room, living room, basement, and bedroom. The Allegheny Corner 7-Gun Gun Cabinet, Black Forest 14-Gun Cabinet, and the Valley Forge 14-Gun Cabinet are popular corner cabinet models.

Hidden Gun Storage Cabinets

You can customize a hidden gun storage cabinet so you can store your handguns an rifles securely and out of sight. We can also help you design storage spaces for ammunition or equipment.

Large Gun Hidden Storage Bookcase

Our 5-rifle capacity large hidden gun storage bookcase is made from solid hardwood. The cabinet unlocks from under the top part of the bookcase, allowing you to slide the frame of the bookcase forward, which gives access to the hidden gun storage rack behind the bookcase. The rack then can be pulled out for access to your guns.



Small Gun Hidden Storage Bookcase

The small hidden gun storage bookcase has capacity for two rifles or two shotguns, small handguns, and four shelves for ammo.

Shaker Hidden Handgun Floor Mirror

This floor mirror for hidden gun storage features two removable holsters, capacoty for 6 long rifles, and a magnetic lock to keep the guns locked away.

We also have a wall mirror for storing handguns.


Standard Gun Cabinet Wood Options

  • Cherry
  • Red Oak
  • Maple
  • QSWO

Popular Gun Cabinet Models

12-Gun Carousel Cabinet

Our Valley Forge Corner Gun Cabinet includes a 12-gun carousel that enables you to easily rotate the display, along with two double muzzle props on each side. The firearm cabinets also feature locking doors on the top and bottom, so you can limit access to your collection while also protecting them against theft.

Jesse James 20-Gun Cabinet

The large capacity Jesse James gun display case has interior LED lights, two-piece construction for easier handling, and strong dovetailed drawer boxes with full extension ball bearing drawer slides.

Dakota Gun Cabinet

The Dakota cabinet comes in Heirloom or Mission Style and 6 gun, 8 gun, or 12 gun capacities. You can choose from cherry, red oak, maple or quartersawn oak in 30 stain options.

Gun Safes vs. Gun Cabinets

Here are three considerations if you're deciding between a gun safe and a gun cabinet.

Children: Do you have kids or grandkids in your home? Gun cabinets are ideal for displaying a firearms collection. While the cabinet has locks to prevent easy access, they are not as secure as a gun safe for preventing unauthorized entry. A gun cabinet might not be the best option if you have children or grandchildren in your home. A gun safe might be a better idea, if you can afford one.

Style: Most gun safes are not going to blend in well with your home's decor. A gun safe will likely be placed in a basement, garage or bedroom to keep it out of sight. If having a beatiful piece of furniture for displaying your firearms in your home matters to you, then a gun cabinet is the way to go.

Burglary Risk: If home burglary is a concern for you, invest in a gun safe. Gun safes are much heavier and nearly impossible to open without knowing the lock combination or keylock code.

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