Our hardwood furniture is handcrafted using locally sourced woods. Each wood species provides its own characteristics, colors, and features to the furniture. Browse our wood options to learn more about each.


Cherry is “the collectors wood”. Cherry wood is a hard, lustrous wood, naturally ranging from to light reddish-brown to a deeper reddish-brown with a fine even texture. It’s rich color darkens with age and exposure to light. Cherry wood has traditionally been a choice species for fine furniture.

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Maple as a hardwood has become a popular choice for our contemporary styled furniture with its fine, smooth grain, as well as timeless traditional pieces. Though its natural color is very light blonde with some darker variations, it is available in a wide range of stain and paint options. Maple is one of the choice selections for your solid hardwood furniture.

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Wormy Maple

Wormy Maple is a hardwood known for its tiny holes and streaks in the wood. This is caused by beetles that burrow into the tree that causes a fungus which creates the discoloration in the wood as well as the pattern throughout the tree. The fungus is nonexistent after the kiln drying process of all of our lumber. This wood has unique patterns and shows natures beautiful artwork.

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Red Oak

The use of oak hardwood dates back to the English cathedral carvings and thrones of the Middle Ages. The bold grain and the subtle-to-rich color ranges (from light grayish-brown to reddish-brown) provide the authority and character that make red oak the most widely used hardwoods. Oak trees are America’s most abundant hardwood species.

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Quarter-sawn White Oak

Quarter-sawn White Oak is a special hardwood selection of its own. It begins with White Oak which is sawed at a different angle, resulting in a beautiful unique grain pattern. It is naturally a very dense hardwood, which makes it a very durable, long-lasting material for handcrafted pieces. Many antique and heirloom pieces are made of QSWO.

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Cedar Wood naturally has a light tan and reddish color tone. Blanket chests are offered in all cedar wood or hardwood to match your bedroom suite with a cedar lining or bottom. Cedar wood emits a pleasing aroma that many people appreciate and enjoy.

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Pine is a softer wood with some knots showing depending on the stain color. We have a few designs of Pine with a Maple hardwood top such as on a table or hutch buffet area. For those who would prefer pine furniture, check out our website or call to talk with one of our sales team. Only select pieces are available in pine wood.

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Walnut is a stable and hard wood. Our Pennsylvania walnut wood has become one of the leading choices for many of our customers who purchase Live Edge furniture. The sapwood of walnut is creamy white showing a beautiful contrast with the light brown to dark chocolate brown of the heartwood, occasionally with a purplish cast and darker streaks.

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Elm is a hardwood that has unique and beautiful designs in every piece of wood. Some stains really bring out the beautiful character of the grain. Elm wood makes a beautiful contrast when paired with a darker accent color. Elm wood has a hardness that is not as hard or dense as Oak or Cherry.

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Sycamore Live Edge

Our sycamore slabs often feature the spalted characteristics which show thin black wavy lines, outer areas are blonde and often have some shades of a slightly reddish tone at the center. These trees are plentiful in Pennsylvania. Sycamore growth exceeds harvest in all supplying states. The spalted wood is highly prized and sought-after by woodworkers for more than 500 years.

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Hickory is a strong hardwood with colors ranging from light to medium brown with a reddish hue. The sap wood is a paler yellowish brown, causing a beautiful contrast of light and darker colors. Hickory is a very heavy and durable wood.

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