Enhance your enjoyment of your Gun Collection even more with one or more of our user-friendly, custom gun cabinets from Country Lane Furniture. These are designed so you can showcase your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers with pride.

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Amish Made Custom Wood Gun Cabinets

Choose custom gun cabinets made from cherry, maple, oak, or hickory. You also can choose a wide variety of stain and paint options along with the flexibility to use different color combinations at our standard pricing. Our hardwood furniture is made from the best local Mennonite and Amish master craftsmen by hand and are not inferior materials like particle board or pressboard.

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Bring Your Unique Design Ideas to Life

Designing a custom gun cabinet can be a daunting task. It is a pleasure to fulfill your dream design ideas whether it’s a user-friendly large wall storage, a display unit, a simple but elegant small gun cabinet, or whatever idea you have in mind. We can assist you with everything from the selection of the most appropriate wood to choosing the stain or paint that’s most appropriate for the unique décor of your home or office. If you desire to have styling with a rosette at the top and fluted below or corbels and protruded post below, with depth for hidden storage behind it, we can help you accomplish it all, and we enjoy every minute of designing. After you tell us what you would like we will make a rough sketch and meet with you to fine-tune and finalize the price.

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Gun Cabinet Buying Guide

Get tips and advice on how to find the best storage options for your handguns & firearms.

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Ready to Create Your Custom Gun Cabinet?

Let your imagination guide you while you explore the many user-friendly features and even think up new custom furniture ideas you can use! Feel free to stop by our 61,000-square-foot store and store located in Annville, PA, or contact us by phone or email to learn more. Let us here at Country Lane Furniture help you design a custom gun cabinet masterpiece for your home or office, one that you will enjoy and want to show to all your hunting and gun collector friends!

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