Tips and advice for buying a storage system that’s functional, safe, and stylish.

Do I Need a Gun Safe or a Gun Cabinet?

Here are three considerations if you’re deciding between a gun safe and a gun cabinet.


Do you have kids or grandkids in your home? Gun cabinets are ideal for displaying a firearms collection. While the cabinet has locks to prevent easy access, they are not as secure as a gun safe for preventing unauthorized entry. A gun cabinet might not be the best option if you have children or grandchildren in your home; a gun safe might be a better idea. We offer wood doors in place of the glass doors to keep your guns out of view.


Most gun safes are not going to blend in well with your home’s decor. A gun safe will likely be placed in a basement, garage, or bedroom to keep it out of sight. If having a beautiful piece of furniture for displaying your firearms in your home matters to you, then a gun cabinet is the way to go.

Burglary Risk

If home burglary is a concern for you, invest in a gun safe. Gun safes are much heavier and nearly impossible to open without knowing the lock combination or keylock code. We offer bookcases, night stands and wall mirrors featuring concealed gun and/or jewelry storage.

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