This video shows how to use your sewing cabinet air lift. The wrench to adjust the position of the platform is 8-mm.

Push-Release Mechanism

To operate the platform, there is a push-to-release mechanism inside that acts as a locking mechanism to hold the platform in place. Here it is in the middle position. There are three positions total. To move It from this position you will push down and you’ll hear it click. Then you’ll let it come up to the very top position, which is flush with the top of the cabinet. To get the platform from this position back down again, push down again until you hear a click; let it up slightly and then push it down. This will release the platform to allow it to move. From there, you can push it to that middle position again and then you can lock it in there or you can push it all the way down to the very bottom, which is the storage position.

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Adjusting the Platform for Sewing

This is the adjustment needed to make sure the arm of your sewing machine is flush with the top of the cabinet. To do that, you adjust the black locking block by loosening the two nuts with an 8 millimeter wrench. Once loosened, you can move the locking block up or down. How much you need to move the locking block will depend on your sewing machine.

img resources sewing cab adjusting platformg

Positioning a Custom Insert Around the Sewing Machine

From the storage position, you’ll push to release the locking mechanism and then you let it rise up – the airlift does the work for you. Let it come up into the second position, which is where the arm of your machine is flush with the top of the cabinet.

Take the insert and slide it down the arm of the machine. Now you have a nice, smooth area to sew on.

img resources sewing cab custom insert

A Note About Custom Fitting

One thing to remember with our sewing cabinets is that the custom insert that’s provided is cut to fit each sewing machine. We can custom cut the insert to almost any sewing machine and it will fit around the arm without the storage compartment. In this video, we have the storage compartment removed so that the custom insert will fit flush around this sewing arm. So you will want to remove that storage compartment and then slide the insert right around the machine.

img resources sewing cab custom fitting

Storing Your Sewing Machine

To put your sewing machine into the storage position again, press down to release the lock and then let it up slightly. Then, push it all the way back down to lock it into the storage position. Now the machine is hidden away and you’re finished sewing for the day.

img resources sewing cab storing