About Amish Furniture

If you're in the market for quality, handcrafted Mennonite or Amish furniture, Country Lane Furniture is perfect for you!

Not all Amish furniture stores in PA are created equal. Country Lane Furniture is a furniture store in Annville, PA that prides itself on offering traditional furniture reminiscent of a simpler time when quality and craftsmanship really mattered. We feature a large selection of beautiful Amish country furniture constructed by skilled Amish master craftsmen who still make furniture the old-fashioned way: one piece at a time and completely by hand.

There's something about handmade Amish furniture that adds a sense of coziness and warmth to a room. It also serves as a strong reminder of a time when workers took pride in their craft, treating every piece as if they were required to place their personal signature on the finished product. At Country Lane Furniture, this close attention to quality still exists today. We focus on selling only the finest Amish-made furniture Pennsylvania has to offer, all at reasonable prices. That's been our mission since we first opened our family-owned furniture store back in 1989.

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Heirloom-Quality Furniture

You're not just looking for a piece of furniture; you're looking for a treasured heirloom to pass along through generations. That's what we offer. Many of the items that we sell come with a free lifetime warranty! That's how much we trust the craftsmanship of the furniture we sell. Talk about conservation and value! Our furniture is handcrafted to be used daily and be user-friendly for generations to come.

Our products will withstand the test of time because they're handmade by our craftsmen with importance placed on details, such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed drawers, and finger joints on chairs. We don't have "assembly-required" furniture and we don't take shortcuts because we believe that you should enjoy furniture made the right way.

While much of the furniture offered today in big-box furniture stores is mass-produced from particle board or low-quality wood - and sometimes even passed along falsely as real wood (and mostly made overseas), the Mennonite and Amish furniture you get from Country Lane Furniture are handmade locally using only the finest-quality solid wood. There is no substitute for the look and strength of hardwoods. They're known for their rich appearance and natural longevity, and are the chosen material in upper quality home building and the gold standard for home furnishing materials. The hardwood furniture that we sell will withstand the stresses, loads, and abrasions of daily life.

Visit our Solid Wood Furniture Buyer's Guide to learn more about the differences between solid wood furniture and mass manufactured imports.

When you combine the most durable materials with superior Amish craftsmanship, the result is a virtually indestructible furniture piece that's sure to be a fixture in your home or office for many years to come.

Quality craftsmanship means attention to details. Many of our items (such as the dining and kitchen furniture) are fit to 1/5,000th of an inch. Screws and brad nails are used, along with gluing at various areas such as in the finger jointed areas. How could this, along with our special design for firm structure, ever become wobbly? Well, it doesn't! This is what sets Country Lane Furniture pieces apart from the rest. Our attention to detail and solid structure without cutting corners defines the quality of our handmade Amish furniture.

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Custom Amish Furniture

At Country Lane Furniture, we offer you the ability to customize any piece of furniture (other than cribs and accessories), so you can get Amish furniture that matches your style and space requirements.

We'll work closely with you during the design process, showing you all of your options, so that your dream furniture piece becomes a reality. This enables us to incorporate your own unique ideas into your new furniture. In addition to customizing furniture from pre-existing designs, we can build you a custom furniture piece from scratch to the exact specifications you want. Bring in your specifications (or let us help you create the design) and we'll construct a completely new piece to fit perfectly in the same room as your existing heirloom (or other) furniture.

Start customizing your new furniture by choosing from a variety of durable Pennsylvania-grown hardwoods such as cherry, maple, oak, and walnut, as well as softwood pine. Maple wood is known for its superior hardness and consistent grain patterns, making it a popular wood choice in country furniture of all types. You'll be able to easily achieve the furniture design that perfectly matches your unique home or office décor.

Next, choose from our large variety of finishes, such as stains and paints (including two-tone paint) to make the exact piece of furniture that you're looking for. We can age the furniture to make it look up to three centuries old! Your new furniture can match the exact color and style of your existing furniture. Simply bring in an example to our store and we can stain your new piece to match it. You can further customize your Amish furniture by choosing the hardware. The combinations are endless!

Your new piece of furniture will be handmade by skilled Amish, Mennonite, and other Pennsylvania craftsmen to your exact specifications.

These custom furniture builders will even sign and date the furniture, because they stand behind their work. You have the option to have your family name written under the varnish so it's there for the long haul. You'll be remembered for the effort and value you placed on your furniture purchase. Your new custom furniture will be a masterpiece that is user-friendly and something that you'll be proud to show off to all your friends, neighbors, or business associates.

It's good to know you can still find authentic country furniture that's made by hand, the old-fashioned way!

Add On Later

When you shop some Amish furniture outlets in PA, the quality may not be guaranteed. The styles may be discontinued, making it difficult to add pieces to your collection in the future. At Country Lane Furniture, our classic styling and handcrafting ensures you'll be able to add beautiful pieces of matching furniture to your collection at any time. We keep record of your custom furniture, so when you want to add another piece, you can match the exact stain, color, and style in 5, 10, or even 20 years from now. Many furniture outlets in PA can't offer this.

All Types of Amish Furniture

Our new store is 61,000 sq. ft. , allowing us to display a wide variety of Amish-built furniture.

Browse styles from Metro/Contemporary to Old Traditional/Colonial, Southwest Mission, North East Shaker, and Amish Country furniture.

Our Mennonite and Amish furniture line is extensive. Find the perfect piece to turn your dream bedroom into reality. Add the curio you need to display your treasured china or those other famous family collectibles. Create an inviting space for your family to gather. We also offer a fabulous selection of Amish furniture for your child's bedroom, including beds, tables, high chairs, toy chests, and chair sets.

Looking for quality home office furniture? We offer practical, long-lasting styles and finishes for your new office furniture that will add a touch of authority and professionalism to your office. Choose from stately solid wood desks, eye-catching and sturdy bookcases, and other office furniture.

You'll find any piece of furniture you need for just about any room in your home, including a complete selection of living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom furnishings.

We also carry unique pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere. A classic example of this is our solid hardwood sewing cabinets that are perfect for the serious seamstress, or something that can serve as a decorative, antique-style ornamental furnishing. We also are known for our solid-wood gun cabinets.

Visit our Amish furniture store today at 10 Nathan Lane, Annville, PA 17003. You can also give us a call at (717) 867-5701 or send us an email - we'll be happy to help you find the perfect furniture for your home!