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  • Bee's Wax Furniture Polish

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Bee's Wax Furniture Polish

  • Item #: 450-01

17 oz. can

The ULTIMATE Furniture Polish! This unique polish is the ONLY aerosol bee's wax polish available to our knowledge. You'll be amazed at the smooth, rich feel it gives your furniture and the seemingly magical way it restores lustre to the finish of both your oak or cherry dining table and the antique mahogany desk your Grandpa made for your Grandma's wedding present. Yes, you will be back for more... It's that good. 

No Fingerprints!
No Wax Buildup...Ever!
No Buffing Required!
Makes Granite Tops Acid Resistant.
Won't Fingerprint Stainless Steel.
Prevents Bathroom Mirrors from Fogging.
Recently named "The Best" by House Beautiful magazine.

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